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Gym Mirror

Elongate a room with a mirrored wall

You can enjoy a mirror that extends from the floor to the ceiling or just on a certain section of the wall. When you have a mirrored wall, it can help the room to appear larger or longer depending on where the mirror is placed.


Come visit our  showroom and find just the right mirror to attach to your wall and enhance the look of the space.

Set the tone in a room

A mirror is a great way to have a certain feeling in the room. Back painted glass is available and can be installed anywhere a mirror can. Get a FREE estimate on the mirror or glass that you want to install.

Mirror wall options

- Restaurants

- Residential setting

- Dance studio

- Business lobby 

Custom mirrored walls

Know that you want a mirrored wall but haven't found the right one? Have us make one that is tailor made for your exact needs. It will fit in the space perfectly and look like it was made just for the room.

Door going to the fireplace Bathroom Mirror Mirror tiles