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Bath and shower enclosures to fit your tastes

Glass shower and tub enclosures are one of the most popular choices on the market today. They provide a modern edge but also can be completely customized, built, and designed just for your particular bathroom.


Let us see your shower plan to ensure that you get the look you want.  We will help make sure you have the right support in the walls for your design.

Relax in comfort and style

Update your bathroom escape with a new shower enclosure. Steve's Mirror & Glass specializes in glass shower doors and wants you to find the perfect glass option for your bathroom. Our glass specialists can help you find just the right choice.

The perfect shower door for your home

- Frameless doors

- Tub enclosures

- Framed enclosures

- Semi-framed enclosures

Customize your shower door

Personalize the look of your shower with our customized services. You can get FREE estimates on your new shower and bath look or visit our showroom and figure out how you want your bathroom to look with new glass.

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