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Protect your tables with glass

Your table top can put up with a lot of abuse and it can last longer with the help of a custom glass piece to put over the top. The glass can be done in a number of different designs and shapes to fit your particular table.


Call us or visit in person today to find out what options we can offer you with our wide selection of glass table tops.

Elevate the beauty of the room

Glass adds a natural feeling of elegance to a home or business location. Consider adding in a glass table top and both improve the look of the room and also prolong the life of the furniture.

Custom table tops include:

- Heavy glass with a variety of edge choices

- Custom table tops

- Tinted glass available

- Patio furniture tops

Glass and mirror showroom

Come and see our showroom on State Street and view all of our glass and mirror products. You can see the glass table tops that are already made or look into having us give you a FREE estimate on a custom designed glass table top.

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